Beaches and Peaches

Now, one must mention that this is one of the most charismatic and luxuriously laid back beach clubs in Ibiza.

We set out to enjoy the sunset, so after a long day of work, it was decided that we deserved something special.

Just the drive there is magical. One goes up, down and over the tumbling hills through the island, full of raw nature. Red clay whisks through the pine tree scented air until one starts ones decent towards the sea. And after squeezing our way down a tiny alley which really should have been a one way street. Because it required one honking ones horn as if in Rome, we arrive at a marvellous place and with a view.

Oh what a view. 

A beautiful bay which gets sun from early morning until late evening. There we were to find white chalked walls, a cacti and cycad flowerbed on the left and a lovely little store on the right. And a magnificent view of the bay, no matter where you are in the restaurant and bar.

The theme is white and has an air of laid back, if not a little bohemian, luxury.
Now, the trick is, walk through the restaurant and go to end. There they have a terrace levelled bar. As though it was rice fields, the bar has 3 tiers, and the same as when one frequents the cinema, the back is the best.

Have your expresso martini or what ever your heart desires. They will deliver...

Enjoy.... Gracias

Note to self; Pass by the shop on the way out. They close at 23h00 so one will have plenty of time to make it.